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We have announced that 2017 would be outstanding for the OneLife Network and the exciting news continues to come!

DealShaker is the exciting result of the collaboration between OneLife and OneCoin. More than 3.3 million active members of the OneLife network can now connect with their OneLife credentials and join the first phase of this exciting project.

Access the platform at, sign up for a merchant profile, create and submit your first business for approval.

The site makes it possible to make sales between merchant and customer and also customer-to-customer sales, and will serve small ads to more than 12 million people worldwide.


So how does it work? Simple and easy!

The enormous advantage for all merchants who join this early stage of development You can sell your products with a discount or a high price, but in both cases 50% of your transaction value will have to be in OneCoin.

Now, all OneLife members who are waiting for an opportunity to market their products and services and accept OneCoins in exchange will have an opportunity for promotion.

Not only can you sell your product to a global community,

But the platform will charge much lower advertising costs than similar platforms.

Please note that the DealShaker and Mobile App Builder (MAB) merchant platform are not directly related to each other.



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