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What is a crypto-currency?


If I told you Bitcoin, maybe it will tell you something. No ? 

A cryptocurrency is a digital / electronic money created by advanced mathematical algorithms. 

Eventually, you can turn it into real money or even make purchases on the Internet. 

Leading financial analysts all agree to say that it is nothing less than the future of the global financial system, banks and Wall Street closely interested. 

The company had predicted a value of around € 5 at the end of its first year (against about € 0.5 at launch) it happened. 



At the time you read this it is around € 20,75 

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The way it works is different from that of Bitcoin in the sense that it favors private investment in order to regulate its growth.

When production reaches the 80% of available currencies, the Onecoin will be released on government procurement, enabling trade (buy / sell) worldwide.

There are 120 billion Onecoin available, against 21.7 million Bitcoin.

The more people with a lot more the forces of supply and demand is interesting, especially for cryptocurrency owners, you'll understand.

That is why the placing on the public market is expected later, an internal private growth is preferred.

In August 2015, the 500 000 members was taken by Onecoin society

In December 2016 the opportunity almost reached 2.8 million

In January 2017, We are more than 2.9 million members

In March 2017, 3 million active members in the Onelife network

that is to say the global momentum that is created around this crypto-currency.  


Engage in Onecoin :

The company offers 6 different financial education packages, from 110€ to 55.555€






Each Financial Education Pack gives you access to the training courses and corresponds to a number of Tokens,

Multiply by 10 the price of the Pack to know the numbers of Tokens.

Tokens are tokens that once mined, transformed give Onecoin.

The Packs give right up to 7 Split and each Split doubles the Tokens, which will multiply the starting bet from 2 to 128 times. The interval between Split is about 6 weeks.

An additional package of 30 € is required only for the purchase of the first Pack.

You can use OneCoin at partner merchants, exchange them in euros, pay and withdraw with your OnePay card.

Onecoin has relied on the success of the bitcoin to create its business model and uses relational marketing to grow, the marketing plan is powerful.


Bouton onl eng





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